We are delighted to introduce an unique hand paper making program to the land of friendship, mystery, excitement and diverse socio-cultural experience providing opportunity for those who would like to explore Nepal in unique way.The craftsmen of the Kathmandu Valley were respected at the royal court of China in ancient times. The very same crafts, which earned their fame, are practiced here today, side by side with their modern brothers and sister. Step with Astoria Holiday planner in, join our craftsmen. Share ideas, make your own paper products with our team.

You will have the opportunity to make your own handmade paper and learn about traditional Nepalese paper making techniques, ways to enhance basic paper, experimenting with adding locally found fibers, pulp, flower petal, seeds, corn husk, straw, glitters, hemp fiber, nettle fiber etc.You have the possibilities to dye paper with natural vegetable dyes and artificial dyes. Paperworld Nepal Organises various workshops on Hand papermaking, paper dyeing, book arts, book printing.

Paperworld Nepal  Maintains professionalism in handmade paper and products, offers wide range of equipment and supplies for  workshop participants. Artists have the full access to the entire manufacturing units which includes, paper making, dyeing, cutting & creasing, bookbinding , screen printing and product developing.During the workshop clean and comfortable accommodation made available at Royal Astoria Hotel adjacent to the workshop.Some one  willing  to explore Kathmandu valley and beyond, Paperworld Nepal can organize sightseeing or other excursions upon your request. For further information and cost please  contact Mr. Nagendra Bhandari.

About Us

Paperworld Nepal is recognized by Department of Industry as a Private Limited Company and a member of Hanicraft Association of Nepal.Paperworld Nepal Private Limited founded by Marie Jeanne Bude(an Belgian artist) and Nagendra Bhandari, unique among many other handmade paper manufacturers. The paper products are made from different combination of natural fibers, pulp and art materials. Our products have crossed the boundary of making only sheet papers to many office stationery, guests book, albums attractive packing for cosmetics and jewelry , craft paper & curtain for home 

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