Mission of Paperworld Nepal

•     Uses environment friendly and lasting Lokta shrub
•     Recycle waste paper
•     Uses Safe and environment friendly methods
•     Employs more than 90% women of total staff
•     Pays fair salary and good working conditions to staff
•     Large and comfortable working space
•     Guarantee, no child labour
•     100% produced are exported abroad
•     The paper with difference

About Us

Paperworld Nepal is recognized by Department of Industry as a Private Limited Company and a member of Hanicraft Association of Nepal.Paperworld Nepal Private Limited founded by Marie Jeanne Bude(an Belgian artist) and Nagendra Bhandari, unique among many other handmade paper manufacturers. The paper products are made from different combination of natural fibers, pulp and art materials. Our products have crossed the boundary of making only sheet papers to many office stationery, guests book, albums attractive packing for cosmetics and jewelry , craft paper & curtain for home 

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