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Paperworld Nepal produces eco-friendly and environmentally sound handmade paper and paper products made from the inner bark of the wild shrubs, locally known as “Lokta” that grows at an elevation of 2000 to 2700 meter. Lokta paper is praised for its rough but attractive texture and strength. Lokta shrubs regenerate every 6 to 8 months, thus preserving the fragile ecology of Nepal. Main source of raw material "Lokta" comes from Himalayan region of Nepal. Since all our product are handmade we give lot of employment to people not machines thus more under privileged men and women from the mountain are directly benifiting from this work.

If you are wondering about the paper products , Paperworld's range start from simple stationery sets, photo frame & album to very special album for weeding ceremony, guest book, jewelry boxes, bags for various purposes, packaging jewelry & soap, flower cards, office stationery, letter head, envelope, different shapes & sizes, calendar, agendas, candle on clay, hemp paper , nettle paper, deckle edge paper, paper of special effect or textured, various fibers like hemp, lokta, nettle, jute, coconut and beyond. You name it , we make them.

About Us

Paperworld Nepal is recognized by Department of Industry as a Private Limited Company and a member of Hanicraft Association of Nepal.Paperworld Nepal Private Limited founded by Marie Jeanne Bude(an Belgian artist) and Nagendra Bhandari, unique among many other handmade paper manufacturers. The paper products are made from different combination of natural fibers, pulp and art materials. Our products have crossed the boundary of making only sheet papers to many office stationery, guests book, albums attractive packing for cosmetics and jewelry , craft paper & curtain for home 

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