Delivery time:
After receiving the order, possible mutually convenient delivery time will be confirmed. The order will be confirmed after receiving 50% of advance of the total amount, however by the law of Nepalese Government & custom rule 100% advance payment is required before delivery of the goods.

Paperworld Nepal bears responsibility of any manufacturing faults, products sent to you different than the actual order or wrong products, does not bear any damage occurred during shipping and lost, you may wish to insure your goods in your own country. However, great care has been taken while packing goods and transporting to the customs
Quantity of order :
Paperworld Nepal, as a wholesaler request our customers to place an minimum order of each products, in each colors. We offer special discount for those who orders in volume, larger the volume lesser the cost, ask for volume discount.
The price mentioned in the price list is exclusive of freight, insurance and bank fees. Handling , packing and custom clearance fees in Nepal are included.